John Amato Hyundai Superstore Pricing Philosophy

At the John Amato Hyundai Superstore, we'd like to review our Pricing Philosophy with you to help you better understand how we do business

When you see an advertised price, payment amount on our website or receive a quote from our Internet Sales Department, we'll never include incentives that most people won't qualify for.  Examples of these are military rebates or the college grad program, both of which can impact your Hyundai pricing.

If you do qualify for additional incentives, that's great and we're happy to pass those savings on to you.  But if you don't qualify, the John Amato pricing we quote you is the one you can count on when you arrive at our dealership.

As you shop online or see an advertised cash selling price, you may notice sometimes that it includes a down payment or trade equity.  We find that very misleading, and that is not how we do business.  In the end, the other dealers will just add that amount back into the price of the vehicle to get to the actual sale price.  

At the John Amato Hyundai Superstore, we will never send you a price quote or advertise a cash price that includes down payment or trade value. When you do a side by side comparison of cars online, the final price you see on the car you choose is the price you can count on when you get here.

Here at the John Amato Hyundai Superstore we are not here just to sell you a vehicle, we build the relationship that reminds you to come back and purchase your next Santa Fe, Sonata, or Palisade.  You won't have to worry about the fine print at John Amato Hyundai Superstore.