Tax Time At Amato

Tax Time at the Amato Automotive Group

The Amato Automotive Group has run a tax program with our partner TaxMax for over 10 years!   With our program you will be able to use your future tax refund money to drive off TODAY in your new vehicle!

Tax Max Program

We use the first quarter program if you stop in during the months of January, February, or March. This program is for people who have ALREADY have received their W-2s.

·         Step 1:  Visit the dealership with the following items:

o    W-2

o    Driver’s License

o    Proof of Residence – most commonly a bank statement, utility bill, or phone bill

o    Any Claimed Dependents Social Security Cards

·         Step 2:  A product specialist will help you fill out your taxes. This is very simple but accurate software provided by TRS Tax Refund Services.

·         Step 3:  Decide how much of your refund you would like to use as down payment

**Remember, Amato will match you down payment up to $1000!**

·         Step 4:  Pick out, purchase, and drive off in your New CAR!

·         Step 5:  Apply for a REFUND ADVANCE!  Within 24 hours get up to $2,500 of your refund advanced to you interest free!

·         Step 6:  After tax refunds are released, stop back in to the store and pick up your remaining tax money that was not applied to the down payment!

Tax Refund Services (TRS) is based in Tampa, Florida, and was founded in 1995 by William J. Neylan III. The dealership program has grown from a handful of dealerships located in Florida to thousands located nationwide.

In May of 2006 TRS acquired Tax Max and in June of 2007, TRS acquired Tax Deals 4 Wheels. These additions now make TRS the leading tax consultant in the industry with a portfolio of over 3000 car dealerships nationwide.

Tax Refund Services Tax Max has a strong focus on CUSTOMER SERVICE and ACCURACY of tax preparation. TRS Tax Max offers services where funds can be available the second the IRS releases the funds. With every tax return, there is the flexibility as to how fast the refund is received as well as how the funds are sent to the dealership. The dealer has the ability to customize and select what fits EACH deal, including the ability to print a check on site which puts the refund check directly into the dealer’s hands the minute that the check is ready.

TRS Tax Max has experienced a high growth rate by emphasizing a high degree of customer service and by insisting on customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on making our customer number one. TRS Tax Max recognizes that without our customers we would not be in business.